Try our Fernz Sauvignon Blanc with a delicious Spicy Mussel Chowder
     One of our favorite wines at G.K. Skaggs, Inc. is our Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. This full bodied wine has a crisp balance of minerality, black currant, guava, and ripe pear. These zesty flavors pair perfectly with the fresh, creamy and herbal blend of the chowder.

Spicy mussel chowder
·        3 large brown onions             
·        1 bunch celery                         chop into ½ cm dice
·        4 large potatoes
·        750g butter
·        8 Tblsp green curry paste
·        25gSalt
·        10g black pepper
·        520g plain flour
·        750ml white wine
·        4 lt fish stock
·        2kg roughly chopped mussel meat (beard & tongue removed)
·        Zest from 4 lemons
·        2 cups Fine herbs eg.  Dill, parsley, chervil
1.      Sweat diced vegetables in butter.
2.      Add curry paste, salt & pepper
3.      Add flour and cook out
4.      Add wine and cook out
5.      Add fish stock
6.      Simmer until potato is al dente. (just cooked)
7.      Add more stock if needed.
8.      Add mussels, lemon zest & herbs
Finish with cream, garnish with 3 opened mussels in there shell, and fresh herbs.
 Contact G.K. Skaggs, Inc. for more information on Fernz Sauvignon Blanc, p: (949) 752-1500.

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