Ernest Rapeneau Champagne Available in US Market

Irvine, CA—September 2012— G.K. Skaggs, Inc. based in Irvine, California has partnered with G.H. Martel Champagne House based in Epernay, France, as the sole importer of the exclusive family label, Ernest Rapeneau Champagne into the United States. G.K. Skaggs is honored to represent one of the leading families of Champagne growers and producers’ in France. GK Skaggs will import the Premier Cru and Rosé for the US Market. Jean Remy Rapeneau, son of Christophe Rapeneau the current winemaker, is living in the United States and is very excited to introduce and share his family wine here in the states. Jean Remy states, “We are the largest family owned grower and producer in Champagne. Our focus for many years has been in France and Europe, where we have become very strong.” As a member of the 4th generation of Rapeneau’s, Jean Remy stated, “It is time to introduce our family brand in the US.”

Together Jean Remy of G.H. Martel Champagne and G.K. Skaggs are launching the Rapeneau family Champagne during 4th quarter 2012 across all major markets in the U.S. The family label, Ernest Rapeneau Champagne proudly bears the name of the company founder.

Champagne Styles:

     – Premier Cru – a bubbly blend of 40% Chardonnay and 60% Pinot Noir grapes.

     – Rosé – a bubbly blend of 20% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir, 12% Pinot Meunier and

       15% Coteaux Champenois Rouge.

G.H. Martel of Epernay, France is one of the largest growers in Champagne with more than 420 acres family owned. Both G.H. Martel and the Rapeneau House have been producing fine champagnes for many decades. Ernest Rapeneau Champagne is a leading Champagne label in its home country of France, and also sold in Japan and the UK. Ernest Rapeneau is already leading the way throughout the international champagne market.

G.K. SKAGGS,  is a Global Importer of Premium and Specialty Beers and Wines and distributes on a national platform. As of the beginning of the year, 2011, GK Skaggs is amongst the top 10 importers of the United States. G.K. Skaggs, Inc. is a longstanding member of various Industry Associations, such as; NWBA – National Beer Wholesalers Association, CBBD – California Beer and Beverage Distributors, PLMA – Private Label Manufacturers Association, IBA – International Beverage Alliance, and WSWA- Wine and Spirit Wholesaler Association.

For product and pre-sale information, contact Angela Caraglio by email or by phone at 1-800-578-7521.

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