G.K. Skaggs, Inc. Launches New Website

Irvine, CA- October 2012- G.K. Skaggs, Inc., purveyors of premium beverages, based in Irvine, California is pleased to announce the launch of their new and improved, streamlined website. The functionality of the site enables viewers to easily navigate who G.K. Skaggs is and what it is that they do. Created for those over 21 years of age; the new website is a single hub for wholesalers, distributors, retailers and consumers to view and learn about each unique beer and wine product in the G.K. Skaggs portfolio. Additional features include links to all social media sites and brewery / winery websites.

“G.K. Skaggs’ hats go off to Graphics Director, Mike Kornoff for his superb skills who created and designed the site top to bottom,” stated by Angela Caraglio, G.K. Skaggs Marketing Coordinator. “Our beer and wine portfolio is constantly changing and growing and together with Mike Kornoff’s expertise we have now created an efficient site that can keep up with us!”

G.K. SKAGGS, is a Global Importer of Premium and Specialty Beers and Wines and distributes on a national platform. As of the beginning of the year, 2011, GK Skaggs is amongst the top 10 importers of the United States. G.K. Skaggs, Inc. is a longstanding member of various Industry Associations, such as; NWBA – National Beer Wholesalers Association, CBBD – California Beer and Beverage Distributors, PLMA – Private Label Manufacturers Association, IBA – International Beverage Alliance, and WSWA- Wine and Spirit Wholesaler Association.

Contact Angela Caraglio for inquiries by email or by phone at 1-800-578-7521. Fordesign services contact Mike Kornoff by email.


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