San Miguel Received a Warm Welcome at San Diego’s 10th Annual FilAmFest 2014, As The Philippines Oldest and Most Recognized Beer Brand, San Miguel is Synonymous with the Filipino-American Heritage & Culture.

San Miguel Booth FilAmFest 2014 Edited

Irvine, CA – October 8, 2014  San Miguel beer is no stranger to Filipino-Americans.  As the Philippines oldest and most recognized beer brand, San Miguel is synonymous with the Filipino-American heritage & culture.  San Miguel received a warm welcome at San Diego’s 10th annual FilAmFest and rightfully so as nearly every attendee could recall a fond memory of a family gathering or holiday event that included San Miguel.  “San Miguel has always been a part of every holiday event.” Said Joe Mavares, organizer of the FilAmfest.  FilAmFest is The Filipino American Arts & Culture Festival. It’s a one-day event showcasing the proud history, culture and amazing talents of the Filipino Community. FilAmFest celebrates the accomplishments that the Filipino-Americans contribute to the San Diego community and the United States as a whole.

211244This was the very first year that the festival included a beer garden; there couldn’t have been a more perfect day to do so as the temperatures were scorching in the 90’s.  “What could be better than being surrounded by the arts and culture of the Filipino heritage while enjoying the national beer of the country?”   said Greg Skaggs, President of G.K. Skaggs, the exclusive importer of the beer brand to California and much of the other 49 states.  The San Miguel booth conveniently located next to the beer garden handed out San Miguel hats among other San Miguel laden items.  Everywhere you looked was another 232festival goer proudly wearing a San Miguel hat or shirt.  San Miguel was truly present throughout the entire festival.

San Miguel has a long-standing history in the hearts of the Pan-Asian community but IMG_1884has also established a mainstay in the U.S.  Not only the Pan-Asian community but many of our soldiers have enjoyed San Miguel while on deployment and have remained loyal to the brand.  The brand loyalty speaks to the quality of the product.  G.K. Skaggs imports San Miguel Pale Pilsen, San Miguel Light, San Miguel Negra and Red Horse.  Contact their office at 800.578.7521 to locate a retailer near you.IMG_1859

For more information on G.K. Skaggs, please visit or the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.  

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