A Representative for San Miguel from G.K. Skaggs (Exclusive Importer), Sat Down with Honorary Consul, Audie J. De Castro, of the Philippine Consulate on, Monday, October 27th, 2014 in San Diego, CA


San Miguel is the Philippine’s Hallmark Beer Brand with Their Headquarters Located in the Heart of Manila

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Irvine, CA – October 30, 2014 – Mary McDonough, of  G.K. Skaggs, (the exclusive importer of San Miguel beer) sat down with Honorary Consul, Audie J. De Castro, of the Philippine Consulate, Monday morning on October 27th in San Diego, CA.  G.K. Skaggs is facilitating the relaunch of the brand into the U.S. market.  San Miguel is the #1 beer brand in the Philippines and most of S.E. Asia and has been for well over thirty years.  G.K. Skaggs foresees equal success in the U.S.  They’ve begun to reunite the brand with its roots within the Pan-Asian community through sponsorships, participation and support of community and government events.  “The Filipino-American community has been more than supportive” said Mary McDonough of G.K. Skaggs.  Every beer that’s sold here in the U.S. directly benefits both the U.S. and Philippine economy.

Consul, Audie J. De Castro was more than willing to assist the brands efforts.  “Anything I can do to assist the Philippine economy.” Said Consul, Audie J. De Castro.  200,000 Filipino-Americans reside in San Diego County which makes it an ideal location for increased on premise, convenience and retail sales.  The brand seeks to increase locations and sales throughout San Diego County and California as a whole.  Consul, Audie J. De Castro is an excellent resource to assist in the brands growth through his professional and personal connections.  His assistance and dedication will make a great impact.  Please contact G.K. Skaggs at (949) 752-1500 for a distributor near you.

G.K. Skaggs is the exclusive importer of the San Miguel brand to nearly 50% of the U.S. market.

For more information on G.K. Skaggs, please visit http://www.gkskaggs.com or the company’s 

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