San Miguel is the Exclusive Beer Sponsor at the Asian Pacific Festival

Celebrating Asian cultures through music, food and entertainment in Newport Beach

San Miguel is the official beer sponsor of  the Asian Pacific Festival in Newport Beach

San Miguel was the official beer sponsor at the Asian Pacific Festival in Newport Beach

Irvine, CA – May 28, 2015  A weekend of culture, music, delicious Asian cuisine and San Miguel beer set the stage for an eventful Memorial Day weekend celebration at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort in Newport Beach. As the exclusive beer sponsor at the Asian Pacific Festival which celebrated Asian Pacific cultures, San Miguel was thoroughly enjoyed by all. “We are proud to celebrate all Asian cultures and to see people’s reactions when they see San Miguel beer. The memories take them back to the Philippines, whether they are from there or have visited before” said a representative from G.K. Skaggs, the exclusive importer of the San Miguel brand to the U.S. The Asian Pacific Festival was held at the ever so popular Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort which made for the perfect setting to enjoy a refreshing San Miguel beer and soak in all the festival had to offer.

Celebrating 125 years of brewing excellence, San Miguel is the largest and oldest beer brand produced in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. San Miguel is present in over 40 countries worldwide and major export markets include Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and USA to name a few. Gaining extreme popularity in California, Hawaii and Nevada, G.K. Skaggs is continuing to open markets throughout the U.S. and expects to build upon the brands current successes. San Miguel and G.K. Skaggs are involved in many Filipino and Asian events throughout California and plan to continue developing relationships within the Asian community.

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San Miguel Beer Celebrates 125 Years of Brewing Excellence   

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Irvine, CA – January 22, 2015 – In 1889, a well-known Manila businessman, Don Enrique María Barretto de Ycaza y Esteban, applied for a royal grant from Spain to establish a brewery in the Philippines.  He was awarded the grant for a period of twenty years.  On September 29, 1890, San Miguel was declared open for business.  Located at 6 Calzada de Malacañang (later called Calle Avilés), the brewery took its name from its neighborhood, (suburb or district) of San Miguel.

San Miguel Beer is one of the largest selling beers and among the top ten selling beer brands in the world. San Miguel’s manufacturing operations extend beyond its home market to Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia; and its products are exported to 60 markets around the world.

San Miguel is proud to celebrate their 125th anniversary along with the new roll-out and global promotion of their brand new packaging and price point to celebrate this landmark.  “This is an exciting time for the San Miguel Brand and G.K. Skaggs, Inc. partnership” said Greg Skaggs, President of G.K. Skaggs, exclusive importer for the brand.  G.K. Skaggs, Inc. will be implementing the new roll-out in the US market throughout 2015.

G.K. Skaggs is the exclusive importer for San Miguel.  For more information contact their office at 800.578.7521.

For more information on G.K. Skaggs, please visit or the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.